From The Director

To be perfectly honest, I had been attempting to flagship MSI Films for the better part of a decade: raising capital, finding talent, writing script after script and doing my absolute best to produce a narrative feature film. I had written 6 screenplays during that time, three of which were unable to “get off the ground” as they say. Then God put FOR PROPHET in my heart and instructed me to tell this story. Plain and Simple.

Therefore I personally invested around half the budget, while the rest of the financing came from everyone who has ever loved me: my father, mother, other relatives and even my amazing Grandma Mittie, God rest her soul. The Spirit moved FOR PROPHET into production and rallied the entire town of Elgin, IL to help make this film come together.

True filmmakers are often tasked to invest into their first feature, having to beg, barrow and steal to fill in the budget. Whether it’s Christopher Nolan, Spike Lee or Richard Linklater, I took a page out of that classic playbook and in doing so was able to keep creative control and make the film I wanted to make as per the Divine vision given to me.

Like any great film, this production had its fair share of ups and downs. From post-production during a pandemic to losing our beloved co-star Bert Belasco, and yet, our entire team has persevered and couldn’t be more excited to release my Award-winning Directorial Debut.